Amfori BSCI Audit

Amfori BSCI, which stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative, was established in 2003 by Amfori, a global business association promoting open and sustainable trade. Its objective is to assist companies in improving human well-being, practising responsible use of natural resources, and driving international trade openness.

By undergoing an amfori BSCI audit, you unlock new marketing opportunities and build trust with stakeholders by demonstrating adherence to the Code of Conduct. This audit provides a competitive advantage in tender processes, showcasing your social and ethical sustainability commitment. It also enables you to take responsibility for fair production and working conditions while substantiating your social engagement.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you through the certification process for your Amfori BSCI audit. We follow a comprehensive approach, which includes:

  1. Application: Initiate the process by applying for the system.
  2. Awareness: Familiarize yourself with the standards of Amfori BSCI.
  3. Gap analysis: Evaluate the alignment between your organization and the standards.
  4. Implementation: Execute your plan to meet the requirements.
  5. Pre-audit: Prepare for the official audit.
  6. Ongoing improvement: Continuously enhance your practices.
  7. Accompanying audit: Receive support during the audit process.

We are committed to helping you achieve Amfori BSCI certification and promote sustainable and responsible business practices. Contact VIS for more information!

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