Inspection Fee Common Questions

What’s included in the inspection fee?
Inspection includes total man-day fee, travelling cost and hotel fee.
What is a man-day?
A man-day refers to the amount of time it takes for one inspector to perform an inspection in a single day.
The number of man-days required will depend on product type, number of items, and total quantity involved.
The traveling cost and hotel fee will also vary depending on the location and transportation type used.
How is the inspection service fee calculated?
Inspection fee = (Number of mandays x Fixed man-day cost) + Traveling cost + Hotel fee
Example 1:
Client wants to check 5000 pieces of shoes. Shoes were designed with 1 style, there are 5 sizes and 1 color => Need 1 Manday to complete the inspection = 1 MD
=> Inspection fee = (1 MD x MD Fee) + Travelling Cost (No hotel fee because the inspection can be completed within the day)
Example 2:
Client wants to check 5000 pieces of shoes. Shoes were designed with 5 style, there are 5 sizes and 5 colors => Need 2 Mandays to complete the inspection = 2 MD
=> Inspection fee = [2 MD(1 man 2 days) x MD Fee] + 1 man Travelling Cost + 1 man Hotel fee
=> Inspection fee = [2 MD(2 man 1 day) x MD Fee] + 2 man Travelling Cost
Is there a minimum fee for inspection services?

Yes. The minimum fee is 1 manday (1 MD)

Are there any additional fees or charges?

Yes, in addition to the basic inspection fee, there may be additional fees or charges associated with the inspection process. Some common types of additional fees or charges that may apply include:

Overtime fee (OT fee): If an inspection takes longer than expected and requires the inspector to work beyond their regular hours, an overtime fee may be charged to cover the additional time worked.

Urgent fee: If a client requires an inspection to be conducted on short notice or with an expedited timeline, an urgent fee may be charged to prioritize the inspection and ensure that it is completed within the required timeframe.

Abortive fee: If an inspection is canceled after the inspector has already traveled to the site or begun the inspection process, an abortive fee may be charged to cover any expenses incurred by the inspector.
It’s important to clarify any additional fees or charges that may apply with the inspection service provider in advance to avoid any unexpected costs.

Can the inspection service fee be negotiated?

Yes, the inspection service fee can often be negotiated. The final cost of the inspection will depend on the number of man-days required for the inspection, as well as any associated travel and accommodation expenses.

Quality Control Inspections

How do you make sure your inspectors always meet high-quality standards?

VIS has a robust inspector and auditor training and audit program that includes periodic retraining and testing, unannounced visits to factories where quality control inspections or factory audits are being conducted, random interviews with suppliers, and random audits of inspector reports, as well as periodic efficiency audits. The VIS inspector program has resulted in developing a team of inspectors who are among the best in the industry, and their competitors frequently try to recruit them away. This training and audit program ensures that VIS inspectors always meet high-quality standards.

How do you analyze quality issues to prevent them from happening again?

At VIS, we employ a rigorous analysis process to identify the root causes of quality issues and develop effective solutions to prevent their recurrence. Our inspectors thoroughly document any issues they find during inspections and send comprehensive reports to our Quality Control team for further analysis. The team then investigates the root cause of the issue, considering factors such as manufacturing processes, materials, and human error. Based on the findings, we develop targeted solutions to address the issue and prevent its recurrence. Additionally, we conduct regular audits of our inspection process to identify any areas that require improvement, and make necessary adjustments to ensure our inspectors are equipped to identify and prevent quality issues.

How quickly can you provide reports after a quality control inspection?

We try to give you the quality inspection report as soon as we can. Sometimes we can give you a report on the same day. But usually, it takes until the next business day to get the verified report. This is because sometimes the inspector can’t upload the report from the factory, and they need to go to the office to do it. Also, the report gets checked by someone who speaks good English to make sure it’s right. We want to give you a good report quickly, but we also want to make sure it’s accurate.

How do you ensure your inspectors stay focused and accurate during their shifts?

At VIS, we have a rigorous training program for our inspectors to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs accurately. We also provide ongoing support and supervision to ensure they stay focused on their tasks and perform inspections to our high-quality standards. Additionally, we have systems in place to monitor the progress of each inspection and provide feedback to our inspectors to ensure they are meeting our quality expectations. Finally, our team is incentivized to maintain high levels of accuracy and efficiency to ensure that our pricing remains competitive and fair for our clients.

What do you do when unexpected circumstances arise during an inspection?

If unexpected circumstances arise during an inspection, we will inform you as soon as possible. We will work with your supplier to reschedule the inspection if needed. If the supplier doesn’t let us know about any changes, we may have to cancel the inspection. In this case, you will be charged a partial fee, but you can ask your supplier to cover that cost. We always try to be flexible and communicate clearly to minimize any problems that may arise during the inspection process.

What factors can prevent an inspection from being completed, and how do you avoid these issues?

There are several factors that can prevent an inspection from being completed on time. These include production not being finished, bad weather conditions, uncooperative factory staff, transportation issues, incorrect addresses given by customers or factories, and a lack of communication from the factory or supplier about production delays. These problems can cause delays and frustration. However, at VIS, our customer service team works hard to communicate with the factory or supplier directly to minimize these issues. We require production to be 100% complete and at least 80% packaged or shipped before completing an inspection, and we make sure to keep in touch with the supplier to ensure timely completion of inspections.

How do you decide what type of inspection is needed for a particular product or manufacturing process?

At VIS, we assess various factors to determine the appropriate type of inspection needed for a product or manufacturing process. These factors include the type of product, its complexity, the production stage, the supplier’s quality management system, and the buyer’s specific requirements. Based on these factors, we may recommend pre-production, during production, or final pre-shipment inspection, or a combination of these. Additionally, we may also consider specialized inspections such as product performance testing, factory social compliance audits, or laboratory testing. Our goal is to provide tailored inspection services that effectively address the client’s quality concerns and help ensure their product’s compliance with international standards and regulations.

Ethics & Bribery Control

Will you assume financial responsibility for your service, and what recourse do I have if I'm not satisfied?

We take financial responsibility for our service in case we provide unsatisfactory work that causes loss. You can find the detailed terms and conditions in your service agreement. If you have any concerns about our liability policy, please reach out to us for further clarification.

What steps does VIS take to ensure ethical business practices, and how can you earn my trust?

At VIS, we take ethical business practices very seriously. We have a strict code of conduct that all employees must follow, and we regularly provide training to ensure compliance. We also conduct background checks on all employees and inspectors to ensure they have a clean record.

To earn your trust, we provide clear and transparent communication throughout the entire inspection process. We also offer sample reports and references from past clients to give you an idea of the quality of our work. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in our ability to provide reliable and trustworthy inspection services.

How does VIS control bribery issues, and what measures are in place to prevent unethical behavior?

VIS has strict anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies that apply to all employees and contractors. Inspectors are not allowed to accept gifts or favors from suppliers, and we monitor their activities. We have a whistleblowing system for reporting suspected unethical behavior, and an investigation team to take action if wrongdoing is found. We continuously review and improve our policies to earn our clients’ trust by providing reliable and ethical services.

If I suspect bribery during an inspection or business dealings with VIS, what steps should I take to report my concerns and protect my interests?

If you suspect bribery or unethical behavior during an inspection or business dealings with VIS, you should report your concerns to our whistleblowing system as soon as possible. This system allows employees, clients, or suppliers to report any suspected unethical behavior or bribery attempts anonymously and without fear of retaliation. You can find the contact information for our whistleblowing system in your service agreement, or you can contact our customer service team for assistance. We take all reports of unethical behavior or bribery seriously, and we will investigate any claims thoroughly to protect your interests and maintain the integrity of our services.

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