VR Certification

The Vietnam Register (VR) is the state management agency for the safety and quality of vehicles and transportation equipment. VIS is cooperating with Vietnam Register (VR) and local laboratories and assisting domestic component manufacturers to complete vehicle components VR certification. For both imported and local assembled automobile there are type approvals procedures need to follow.

Regulations for automobile components

No. Product Regulation
1 Safety glazing QCVN 32-2017 / BGTVT
2 Tires QCVN 34-2017 / BGTVT
3 Rear view mirrors QCVN 33-2011 / BGTVT
4 Headlamps QCVN 35-2017/ BGTVT
5 Alloy wheels QCVN 78-2014 / BGTVT
6 Steel rims wheel QCVN 78-2014 / BGTVT
7 Interior structure QCVN 53-2013 / BGTVT

VR certificate example:

Current motor vehicle type approval procedure

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