Barcode Types: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses and Consumers – Part 2

Continuing part 1, we will have other types of Barcodes in part 2. Let’s continue reading the article below to better understand the types of Barcodes, everyone

1. ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5) Barcodes

Designed specifically for numerical data, ITF barcodes are known for their precision and reliability. They are commonly used in applications like:

  • Postal Tracking: Identifying and sorting mail, parcels, and postal items.

  • Shipping and Logistics: Tracking packages and ensuring accurate delivery.

  • Logistics Management: Managing inventory and movement of goods within warehouses and distribution centers.

2. Codabar Barcodes

Combining numeric encoding with special characters, Codabar barcodes are known for their ease of readability. They are frequently used in applications like:

  • Postal Services: Labeling mail and postal items with unique identifiers.

  • Blood Products: Identifying and tracking blood bags and other medical specimens.

  • Library Systems: Labeling books and other library materials for efficient management.

3. Code 93 Barcodes

Code 93 barcodes offer a compact and readable solution for encoding alphabetic, numeric, and special characters. Their applications include:

  • Asset Management: Tracking and managing valuable equipment and assets.

  • Inventory Control: Maintaining accurate records of product availability and preventing stockouts.

  • Production Management: Identifying components and parts in manufacturing processes.

Code 93 Barcodes
Code 93 Barcodes

4. MSI Plessey Barcodes

Primarily used in electronics and aerospace industries, MSI Plessey barcodes provide high accuracy and reliability for critical applications like:

  • Electronics Manufacturing: Tracking and identifying electronic components and assemblies.

  • Aerospace Components: Labeling and tracking aerospace parts and equipment.

  • Defense and Security: Identifying components and parts in sensitive defense applications.


Barcodes stand as a testament to technological advancement, providing numerous practical benefits to society and contributing to enhanced operational efficiency across various sectors. With the continuous evolution of science and technology, barcodes will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in information management, process automation, and improving the quality of our lives.

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