25/01/2021, VIS TEAM
The quality of protection a face mask can provide is crucial. A respiratory illness like the coronavirus is transmitted through aerosols, tiny particles that waft and hang in the air. Some virus-carrying particles are small enough to travel through or around lower-quality masks, making the wearer vulnerable to inhalation of viral particles. Therefore, wearing a mask is no longer a question of why! The biggest problem is lack of supply. Recently, there are a lot of factories entering the race for face mask production but not all of them meet the international standards.

To ensure the output quality of products, factories need to strictly control it through each production stage. Here are some of the stages in the production process:

  1. Cutting&Forming
  2. Earloop attaching
  3. Microbial cleanliness & Packing

Vietnam Inspection and Testing Services Co.,Ltd has had opportunities to visit many different factories and check the production lines as well as the factories’ capacity. If you are seeking for factories that produce facemasks, need more information about the factories and need quality inspection service, please feel free to drop us an email at info@vnvis.com or call us +84 24 3207 9388 (office), mobile +84 904 732 806 (available on Whatsapp)

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