Inspection methods and standards for LED lamps

By VIS team Updated on Dec. 11, 2020

LED is the light-emitting diode, which has the characteristics of general diode. At the same time, it can convert the electric energy into light energy, which can be excited by DC with a certain voltage value to emit visible light.  Compared with traditional lamps such as incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, this kind of lighting source has lower energy consumption, no harmful radiation and longer service life. It is an energy-saving, environmental protection and economic lighting energy.

However, due to the influence and restriction of many factors, the detection and evaluation of LED lamps are still in a relatively backward state, which has certain limitations on the large-scale use of LED lamps and lanterns.

In order to promote the wide application of the new lighting energy, we should strengthen the in-depth research on the detection standards, evaluation methods and detection technology of LED lamps.

Main test methods:

  1. 1. Hi-pot test

  1.  2. Aging test

  1. 3. Power-on and parameter check

  1. 4. Photometric

  1. 5. Grounding continuity

  1. 6. Internal check


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