What did VIS employees learn from the garment inspection training?

At VIS, employees are regularly trained on inspection procedures for different types of goods. Just last week, VIS organized a training session for employees on the garment inspection process. In this training session, we were trained on what to look for and what common issues to expect when inspecting garments.

Below are some training photos that VIS captured with our enthusiastic employees.

After this training session, employees have a better understanding of garment inspection, including:

  • Material inspection: The inspection company will analyze the fabric composition, check for colorfastness, stretch, water resistance, etc. to ensure the product meets quality standards.
  • Seam inspection: The inspection company will thoroughly inspect the seams to ensure they are strong, even, and free of defects. Faulty seams can cause the product to tear or rip during use.
  • Size inspection: The inspection company will measure the key dimensions of the product, such as chest circumference, waist circumference, sleeve length, and pant length, to ensure the product fits the wearer.
  • Production defect inspection: The inspection company will thoroughly inspect the product for production defects such as weaving defects, printing defects, sewing defects, etc.
  • Packaging inspection: The inspection company will also check the quality and durability of the product packaging to ensure the product is well protected during transportation.

We are truly grateful for what VIS has done for its employees here. VIS is always a second home for everyone who works here.

VIS is committed to providing its employees with the training and resources they need to be successful in their jobs. The garment inspection training session was just one example of this commitment. By providing employees with the knowledge and skills they need to properly inspect garments, VIS can help ensure that its products are of the highest quality.

If you need professional quality control inspection services, contact VIS today! We ensure your product quality every step of the way!

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