What is Solar Panel? How is the PSI inspection process for Solar Panels conducted at VIS?

With extensive experience and profound knowledge in inspecting solar panel products, we are committed to providing high-quality services and assisting businesses in sustainable development in an increasingly competitive market.

Choosing a reliable and experienced partner like VIS for strict PSI inspection for their Solar Panel products is the first important step. VIS is not only a reputable inspection agency but also a trustworthy companion, committed to providing accuracy and reliability in every inspection process.

1.What is Solar Panel?

Solar panels are widely used technology to convert solar energy into usable electricity. This technology not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also brings many other benefits to the environment and humans.

What is Solar Panel?
What is Solar Panel?

Solar panels operate based on the photovoltaic effect, where solar panels absorb sunlight and generate electricity through a conductor. The panels are made from semiconductor materials such as silicon, and when sunlight hits them, electrons in these materials are excited, generating an electric current.

2. Essential tools for building Solar Panels?

Solar Cell: Solar Cells are the basic and most important component in building Solar Panels. These are solar panels made from photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. There are various types of solar cells, including single silicon cells, multi-silicon cells, and thin-film cells.

Aluminum or Steel Frame: Aluminum or steel frames are used to create the underlying structure for Solar Panels. They help create a sturdy and durable frame for mounting solar cells and protect them from environmental factors such as wind, rain, and high temperatures.

Essential tools for building Solar Panels?
Essential tools for building Solar Panels?

Protective Glass: Protective glass is the front protective layer of Solar Panels, helping protect solar cells from external environmental impacts such as UV rays, rain, dust, and collisions. Protective glass is often made from toughened glass or impact-resistant acrylic.

Cables and Connectors: Cables and connectors are used to connect solar cells together and to the controller or inverter. They provide pathways for electrical energy from Solar Panels to your electrical system.

Controller or Inverter: The controller or inverter is an essential device for regulating and converting solar energy from DC to AC, suitable for use in household or industrial electrical systems.

These are some of the products that VIS regularly inspects, and the inspection process at Vis always ensures compliance with quality and safety standards before export.

3. What is the Solar Panel inspection process at VIS?

The Solar Panel inspection process is a series of rigorous steps to ensure that solar energy systems operate efficiently and safely for users. At Vis, this process typically includes testing the efficiency of solar panels, checking electrical systems, and ensuring safety. Specific steps in the inspection process for solar panel products at VIS

  • Setting Inspection Objectives: Before starting the inspection process, we always establish specific objectives to ensure that solar panel products meet quality, safety, and environmental standards.
  • Preparation and Sample Inspection: We conduct inspections on product samples from batches requiring inspection. Sample size selection is random and representative of the entire batch to ensure fairness and accuracy in the inspection process.
  • Quality and Safety Inspection: We conduct detailed and comprehensive quality inspections on solar panel product samples, including efficiency, durability, electrical performance, and adherence to industry standards. Additionally, we verify safety and environmental factors such as certifications and compliance with safety and environmental regulations. These findings will be communicated by VIS within 24 hours after the inspection.
  • Reporting and Recommendations: Upon completing the inspection, we generate detailed reports on the inspection results, including findings, compliance levels, and recommendations for improving product quality and efficiency.
  • Customer Interaction and Support: We not only provide inspection reports but also engage directly with customers to address any queries and support them in understanding inspection results and necessary actions for enhancing their solar panel products.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: At VIS, we’re committed to being more than just an inspection partner; we’re also a supportive companion, always ready to assist and advise businesses in every aspect of the PSI inspection process and in improving manufacturing processes to achieve the best quality for their solar panel products.

With our extensive experience and knowledge in inspecting solar panel products, we commit to delivering high-quality services and helping businesses sustainably thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

If you need professional quality control inspection services, contact VIS today! We ensure your product quality every step of the way!

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