Women’s footwear production line

Some common checking of lady footwear quality control:
1.Material correspondence checking with material sheet provided by client (upper, lining , insock, outsole)
2.Upper material quality checking:
Checking if the upper leather is dyed after shoe making or its made of dyed leather
3.Lining material quality checking :
Fur quality checking
Leather quality checking
4.Insock checking:
It must be one piece full insock from back to toe
 Material must be either cow leather or high quality pig skin
5.Soft Insocks checking :
it must be one piece soft insock from back to toe
6.Outsole durability checking.
7.Visual defects – checking (seam, visual defects, total accurateness)
8.Rubbing test
9.Smell test
10.Color checking with Panton
11.Outsole flexibility
12.Stand test
13.Pulling – shoe durability checking
14.Zipper – quality checking
15.Fitting (wearing the shoe to check its fitting)
1.Insock logo checking
a) logo size checking (men/women)
b) logo quality
2.Outsole logo emboss
a)logo accurateness
b) logo size
1.Shoe box quality – thickness and accurateness
2.Shoe box size – compare with shoes size

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