Overseas fraud: Fake ECOWAS🚫

05/03/2021 VIS TEAM

⚠️Suppliers and Factories beware!

An organization has forged the identity of the organization Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to scam foreign companies. It is suspected that they created a fake website as ECOWAS and contacted us/other factories or suppliers to broker him/his team a supplier of face masks. They placed a large order with a value of up to 37 million USD (details as attached Contract) and offered to pay 100% of the order value. However, we – VIS a.k.a the 3rd party was suspecting when they asked the supplier to pay the attorneys’ rent in advance- which appointed by that fake organization to sign the contract on behalf of the supplier for ~$12,000 because the two parties cannot meet face-to-face due to the epidemic situation.

We then did research and found some posts that happened in China with other suppliers in China (details as an attached link) https://www.douban.com/group/topic/193432168/


🚨Scam alert: We do not know how many Chinese firms have been harmed. They must be severely punished! We have attached the full information below:

Website: https://www.ecowaslt.org/

Mr. Alan xxx– Director/CEO of AL-AMAxx EXPORT AND xxx CO. LTD, address: 18 New Road, London, E1 2AX United Kingdom. Tel: +44 20814 40xxx WHATSAPP: +447459 151xx. Email: alanjhxxx@gmail.com

The Chief Procurement Officer: Mr. Yawoh T.M. Mawouena

Ecowas Togo Ambassador/(Cac) Chairman

Economic Community Of West African State (Ecowas)

Cité Administrative

Boulevard Bp 2704 Lome – Togo

Tell: +228 705592xx


Barrister Koku Geli (Principal Attorney)

STC Concepts Chambers Rue. 30 Jean Paul Hedzranawoe, BP 3011 Lome Togo.  Tel:+228 92546728 Tel:+228 90579xxx





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