By VIS team Updated on November 18th, 2020

As what we know, today humans’ development is created by the exchange of cargo among regions, countries and continents. In the beginning, humans needed enough cargo for their lives, but humans’ needs have rapidly increased in this modern time. Produced goods need high quality, have long usage time and are fashionable. These require factories and makers to advance their technics as well as their requirement so as to reach customers’ expectation. We – VIS is one of the quality assurance third parties in Asia, we were established with the mission of providing quality assurance services to customers.

When a client places an order in a factory, the factory produces products. After production finished, the client wants to control quality to confirm whether the product’s quality ensured or not. We will be on behalf of the client to visit the factory and inspect products, we use testing methods and check quality, workmanship, characteristics of products. When inspection finishes, VIS will make reports and send them to the client. All results and information are clearly written down in our reports. Finally, our inspectors will sign and stamp in reports. The stamp on behalf of VIS  is considered as a confirmation of quality assurance, this stamp goes with goods in process of shipment, it is an important thing to verify goods when Customs officers reviews.

After being reviewed by Customs officers, goods are shipped to countries in the world and are sold to customers in supermarkets or malls with high quality. Anyone wants to use good products so we must help people to do this.

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