26/01/2021 VIS TEAM

Buyers beware!

Taking the advantage of nitrile glove shortages globally, there have been so many scam factories, distributors, middle men that causing millions of dollars in losses for businesses and individuals.

With virtually all disposable gloves manufactured overseas, it’s much more difficult to vet factories and brokers claiming to represent those factories. And it’s easy enough to build a website or show false certificates to create the appearance of legitimacy.

Unfortunately, unsuspecting buyers are taking the bait and ending up with counterfeit, poor quality or faulty gloves if they get product at all.

Some articles about unknown origin, dirty (second-hand) nitrile gloves happened in Vietnam:

Here are some simple tips to protect yourself from fraudulent sellers:

  1. To minimize money loss, business failure, you had better cooperate with an independent third party to verify all information of the companies/factories as well as assessing the factory to see the real production line, capacity, quality control system etc
  2. The contract value of nitrile glove order is always big, reading all the articles in the contract carefully is strongly recommended as there may have a trap in the contract.
  3. To control well the product quality and make sure that your goods are being processed by the factory, a during production inspection service is highly recommended. This step timely keeps you updated the production status, whether the products are consistent with your approval sample and requirements so as to reduce the risks of possible delay shipment.

Vietnam Inspection and Testing Services Co.,Ltd has had opportunities to visit many different factories and check the production lines as well as the factories’ capacity. If you are seeking for factories that produce nitrile glove, need more information about the factories and need quality inspection service, please feel free to drop us an email at or call us +84 24 3207 9388 (office), mobile +84 904 732 806 (available on Whatsapp)

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