Vietnam produced 158 million mobile phones in 9 months of 2022

Vietnam is becoming new mobile phone production base as it continues to increase proportion of serving global consumption demand.

Vietnam’s mobile phone output in 2021 accounts for nearly 17% of the world’s total consumption. Photo: A.D.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in September alone, Vietnam produced 19 million mobile phones, a slight increase from the 18.9 million units recorded in August. Although phone output decreased by 5 .8% over the same period last year, the output of mobile phone components increased by 17.3%.

Thus, after the first 9 months of the year, Vietnam has produced a total of 158 million mobile phones and exported to many major markets.

In the same period, industrial value added in general increased by 9.63% over the same period last year. In which, the processing and manufacturing industry increased by 10.69% (up 7.85% in the first quarter; 11.07% in the second quarter; 13.02% in the third quarter) and contributed 2.74 percentage points to the increase in total added value of the whole economy.

According to the import and export report, in 2021, the domestic phone production output reached 233.7 million units, up 7.6% over the previous year. The production value of phone components reached 580,800 billion VND, up 29.5% over the same period in 2020.

Compared to the global sales of 1.39 billion mobile phones consumed by Counterpoint Research in 2021, the production of phones produced in Vietnam accounts for nearly 17%.

In 2021, Vietnam’s export turnover of phones and components will reach 57.5 billion USD, up 12.4% compared to 2020 and accounting for 17.1% of the total export turnover of goods for the whole year. However, the export turnover of this product of the FDI sector reached over 56.9 billion USD, up 13.8% compared to 2020 and accounting for nearly 99.0% of the total export turnover of phones and components of the whole country.

In April, the General Statistics Office assessed that the group of electronics, computers and components of Vietnam is still at an early stage in the electronic product production chain and depends largely on foreign-invested enterprises. Products of Vietnamese enterprises have not been strongly oriented towards deep processing, have not developed export products with high technology and gray matter content, and the proportion of processed and manufactured products with high added value is still low.

The main export markets for phones and components include the US, EU, China, UAE and South Korea. Notably, Vietnam also became Samsung’s largest phone producer, accounting for 60% of the group’s total global sales.

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