Wood Plastic Composite In Vietnam

01/03/2021 VIS TEAM

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is also known by many other names: eco wood, plastic wood, natural fibre plastic composite and natural fibre reinforced plastic, just to name a few. WPC is a composite material made from wood fibres, plastics and other inorganic filler materials. This composite material can be made to look like wood and smell like wood, but is less susceptible to insects and rot, doesn’t splinter and doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as natural timber.

WPC is not as rigid as wood, and may buckle and bend significantly in very hot weather. By virtue of the way it’s manufactured, WPC may also be more porous than wood too and in some cases will permanently stain when certain substances are spilled on it. In some cases, this porosity has also been responsible for mold infestations in WPC too. Wood plastic composite can be used for decking, stairs, cladding or siding for pergolas, infills or any other non-structural purpose.

WPC is typically manufactured using a 50/50 blend of wood products and plastics, although these proportions can vary significantly depending on the particular product and requirement. WPC with a higher cellulose content behaves like and can be cut like wood. Because it’s a manufactured product, WPC can also be made to bend and curve, and is available in unusual shapes and sizes. Likewise, it can be manufactured to take on a wide range of colors and textures, normally to mimic those of natural wood.

The primary manufacturing processes for wood–plastic composites are extrusion, injection molding, and compression molding or thermoforming (pressing). Newer manufacturing processes for WPCs include additive manufacturing via fused layer modeling and laser sintering.

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